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Montana   The ultimate plan in my head always went something like, fish every state on the way north, fishing as many hatches as possible until I hit Canada.  Then turn around and fish it on the way back south, catching different hatches all the way home.  Should only take …

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Idaho   Whenever the subject of fishing in Utah comes up I’ve been known to say, Utah is that big thing you drive through to get to Idaho….the Utah locals usually express that they are just fine with that… I have a real soft spot for Idaho. I floated my …

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The Boulders

Utah… I’ve fished a few places in Utah, but there’s no place like the Boulders.  You can spend an entire season…. well I could spend an entire season fishing and hiking this place and not get tired of it all.   This is stillwater country.  …and backpacking still waters at …

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Northern Az

Northern AZ has a surprisingly good trout population.  Mostly lakes but plenty of small streams with plenty of brown trout populations.  This trip was a short one as the goal was to get across the imaginary line that would require a new license.   So I hit one of the …

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